Saturday, 14 November 2009

J'ai besoin de trouver mon parapluie.

Il ya beaucoup de vent, et de pluie, n'est pas....?


But I quite like this weather... Unless people start getting properly hurt, then it becomes less fun. It's so changeable in Dorset. At about ten past 11 I had to walk for all of five minutes between buildings - I left the house completely dry and reached my destination looking rather more drowned rat-ish. Not a good look.

I NEED MY UMBRELLA. Damn.. Where could it be...? My worry is, though, that if I find it and use it when I walk down to town later, it'll get awfully battered in this crazy wind. It's a very cool umbrella, it has to be said, but it is still only Primark's finest, so perhaps not so good when up to 100 mph winds are sweeping across the south of England!!!

I also look like such a spaz when the wind picks up properly.. my hair has a tendency to stick rather un-glamorously to my face. I'm going to see 'an education' tonight which I'm really looking forward to. That is, if I ever actually make it to the cinema, I may well get blown away or drown on the hazardous walk down. Uh oh.


If only I could go out in stormy weather and look as gorgeously windswept as this, I could pretend to be some moody heroine in an arty film. A more likely scenario is me walking around with over-rosy cheeks, makeup running down my face and eyes half shut against the wind. Oh, and an umbrella which, if I ever find it, would probably be inside out. Oh I really do exude sophistication so effortlessly!

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