Saturday, 12 March 2011

Yes Lykke

Lykke Li's new album, 'Wounded Rhymes', is definitely worth a listen. I've had it on a lot this week. It swings from being soft and beautiful to loud and frenzied, with killer riffs like in 'Rich Kids Blues' and the sexy 60s-esque organ backing on opener 'Youth Knows No Pain'. That tribal influence we heard in the album's fist single 'Get Some' continues through the whole thing, from the percussion on all the tracks to the gorgeous flute-y descant in 'Love Out of Lust', which is here for your delectation -

She can do no wrong, it seems. I am REALLY excited to have been invited to go see her in London in April. Hurrah & Huzzah.



  1. so it seems like everybody like her, so i will give her a try. have you listened to fenech-soler band? i know you will love them. ^^

  2. yes, I am good! Yay for LCD Soundsystem. On some of their songs they have the silliest lyrics... :D

    I love this song a lot!! Never heard Lykke before...